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Starbound Beta Furious Koala Wipe, a new beginning.. in Hardcore Mode

Hello Everybody!
I'd like to share with you the future plan for my Starbound Beta Let's Play Series.

First of all I want to say that the game is so much fun.. and I bet in multiplayer it will be even better. The Chucklefish developers keep good relations with the community, they show that our feedback is somehow kept in account and the fact that they developed the game from the beginning thinking of MODS is a sign of that state of mind.

Now.. back to business! After the wipe I created my charachter Drafter again, an Avian of course, and set the difficulty mode in Hardcore: it means that evey time I'll die all my inventory will drop on the ground.. all of it but the Matter Manipulator :)

So I loaded the game and crossed my fingers for something good on my first planet.. and! Meteor Showers!! ohhh yeah! I died twice during the first 5 minutes of gameplay.. unfortunately I didn't record this, a newbie youtuber error :)
But the plan is to make a video as soon as I'm ready to show my personal story of the wipe and what happened to my dear Avian Drafter!!!

So stay tuned and check my channel for updates and new videos! Don't forget to subscribe guys and gals :)

Ciao ciao!!

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