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Starbound Beta Furious Koala Wipe, a new beginning.. in Hardcore Mode

Hello Everybody! I'd like to share with you the future plan for my Starbound Beta Let's Play Series. First of all I want to say that the game is so much fun.. and I bet in multiplayer it will be even better. The Chucklefish developers keep good relations with the community, they show that our feedback is somehow kept in account and the fact that

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Castle Crasher Cooperative Multiplayer with @BabraAnnAUT

Hello Everybody! Greetings from BabraAnn and The Drafter! We're playing this game in Local Multiplayer having a lot of fun and we decided to share this rambling with you! We just started the story mode and BabraAnn, using the Orange Knight specialized in magic, is trying to keep up with me, using the Red Knight specialized in Melee, and level

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